Pharmacology and Toxicology
Sonographic Assessment of Submandibular Salivary Glands in Hypothyroid Rat’s Pups Before and After Ashwagandha Root Extract Treatment

Zahraa Alhalawachee; Ghada Abd Alrhman Abd Alrhman Taqa

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 1-6

  Background: One of the most common chronic diseases globally is hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormones serve a significant role in maintaining the proper function and shape of the salivary gland. The aim of the study: Investigate the function of Ashwagandha roots extract in providing a protection role for ...  Read More ...

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
A Narrative Review of Benzo-Fused Coumarins, Shedding Light on Their Medicinal Activities

Yasser Fakri Mustafa; Sarah Ahmed Waheed; Sara Firas Jasim; Rahma Mowaffaq Jebir; Reem Nadher Ismael; Omar Qutachi

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 7-16

  Background: Coumarins and their derivatives excel in chemical diversity, coupled with a wide variety of biological potentials, and tend to be beneficial to the health of the human body. One of these derivatives that has sparked the attention of medicinal chemistry specialists in recent decades is benzo-fused ...  Read More ...

Pharmaceutics & Industrial Pharmacy
Cell Line Culture in Pharmaceutical Development and Application: A Review

Zainab Eassa Jassim

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 17-22

  Background: The use of conventional animal testing to determine how medications affect a biological system comes with many challenges. In recent years, a variety of techniques to achieve these goals were presented, one of these is cell line creation technology that has dramatically increased in usefulness ...  Read More ...

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Docking Study for New 7-Aminocephalosporinic Acid Derivatives as Potential Inhibitors for β-Lactamases

Ahmed A. Saleh; Ahmed A. J. Mahmood

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 23-32

  Background: Antibiotics with β-Lactam rings (β-Lactams), since they were discovered, have enhanced the typical treatment for bacterial infections. Though their resistance can quickly spread on a universal scale, bacterial resistance is primarily caused by the production of β-lactamases. ...  Read More ...

Clinical biological Labs
Effect of rosemary extract on some internal organs of young male albino rats: A histological study

Eman Ghanim sheet; Zahraa taboo; Nadthem AL-Kassim; Waleed kasim

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 33-40

  Background: "Rosmarinus officinalis"( rosemary) is a natural herb that is used by humans for the treatment of many conditions. The extract of this plant has been used as an antioxidant to improve memory, stimulate hair growth, treat asthma, treat gastric ulcers, and even, some time ago, prevent and treat ...  Read More ...

Pharmacognosy & Natural Products
Characterization of constituent therapeutic components of Alcea kurdica flowers and leaves using HPLC technique

Dilbreen H. Abdulqader; Sami R. AL-Zubaydi; Enas Jawad Kadhim

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 41-47

  Background: Malvaceae is a large herbal family with more than a hundred genera and thousands of species. Some of these species are well-known for their therapeutic activity, including Alcea. Aim: The purpose of this study is to isolate and identify the biologically and therapeutically active constituents ...  Read More ...

Clinical Pharmacy
Cognitive function among rural people in Nineveh: A cross-sectional survey

Harith Al-Qazaz; Sadeel Shanshal; Islam Qasim; Fahad Saleem

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 48-52

  Background: Early identification of cognitive weakening in previously undetected cases could help deal by starting programs for rehabilitation. Aim: The aim of this survey was to evaluate the prevalence and degree of cognitive impairment among adults of rural area in Nineveh, Iraq. Method: A cross-sectional ...  Read More ...

Clinical Pharmacy
Energy drinks: knowledge and practice among non-medical university students

Sadeel A. Shanshal; Hiba Al-Sabbagh; Maryam Saadoun; Safinaz Abd alrahman; Zahraa Ahmed; Afnan Youssef; Juman Dujaili

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 53-59

  Background: Despite their adverse impacts on human health, energy drinks (EDs) are becoming more and more popular, especially among young adults, due in part to the advertisement campaigns of manufacturing companies. This study aims at assessing the consumption practice of EDs among students at non-medical ...  Read More ...

Pharmacology and Toxicology
The relationship between eye diseases and toxic thyroid gland: A concentrated Study

Muthanna Taha Khalaf; Ahmed Shuaib Karmoosh; Akram Ahmed Hamo; Zinah Jasim Mohammed

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 60-64

  Background: When the thyroid gland becomes overactive or underactive, a variety of health issues may occur, including eye illnesses. Thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are the two primary hormones produced by the thyroid gland. These hormones are essential for maintaining of proper eye function. ...  Read More ...

Pharmacology and Toxicology
An Overview of the Effects of Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors on Hematological Parameters in Diabetic Patients

Ghada M Ahmed; Mohammed N Abed; Fawaz A Alassaf

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2023, Page 65-71

  Background: Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 Inhibitors (SGLT2-IS) have been shown to increase hemoglobin (Hb) levels, hematocrit, and erythrocyte count. It has also been found that these agents can potentially reduce the risk of anemia and minimize the need for erythropoiesis stimulating agents (ESA) ...  Read More ...