Piroxicam is a potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with a long half-life that permits once daily dose. It exerts a better toleration than other NSAID's with a relatively low incidence of adverse effects. In this study many trials were made to formulate piroxicam as plain tablets with properties comparable to those of capsules and in agreement with pharmacopoeial standards. Different formulas were prepared by the application of direct compression method and wet granulation method with the addition of different excipients. The wet granulation method used in the preparation of piroxicam tablets was modified to improve the properties of the produced tablets. The characteristics of the prepared formulas were tested and the results showed that formula D prepared by wet granulation method, containing PVP as binder and lactose as diluent is the most appropriate formula with a rapid disintegration time and complete dissolution as that of piroxicam capsules.
Accordingly, formula D was chosen to be a promising formula of piroxicam plain tablet that could be manufactured as a mass product.