Official Journal of the College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul, Iraq


Anxiety and depression considered as the risk factors for diabetes, as well as they are two of its complications. This study was conducted to explain the prevalence of depression and anxiety among T2DM and its associated factors.
A cross-sectional study was conducted at the Al-Wafaa (Diabetes Center in Mosul). Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ - 9) and Generalized Anxiety Disorders (GAD - 7) were used to evaluate all patients for anxiety and depression.
In this study 380 patients participated their mean age was 55.47 ± 8.35 ranging between 35 – 82 years and the mean BMI was 29.69 ± 5.04. More than half of these patients (54.7%) were men and (98.7%) of them were married. The mean HbA1c level was 8.68 ± 1.47 and the mean duration of diabetes was 10.18 years. The reported prevalence of depression and anxiety were 79.5% and 79.2% respectively.
Anxiety and depression are common problems among diabetic patients, more than two third of the study population had varying degrees of anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression in diabetic patients were significantly related to HbA1c, gender, educational level, employment, and monthly income.