Official Journal of the College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul

Document Type : Review Paper


Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.


Objective: Drug abuse and its repercussions are of the most serious problems in society nowadays. This is because of their enormous influence on the individual, the family, and its social effects like crime, social marginalization, and death from overdose or suicide, as well as on the economy.
The latest reports that are used gave a genuine assessment of the societal problem of drug abuse, and the results of these reports have also been evaluated to see if there are any negative consequences for drug abuse on families and individual and the methods that used to remedy these problems.
Drug abuse has been shown in several studies and publications to have detrimental implications for families and individual members, particularly children. These problems clearly affect a huge number of people, not just the person with the condition; they typically put a strain on the family and its members.
Conclusion: Drug abuse is a big social problem. In most climes, drug abusers will go to any way for getting the drug or substance. The social implications are a clear indication of how drug abuse can be a social problem.