Keywords : flowability

Drug Physicochemical Properties Relevant to Powder Flowability in Pharmaceutical Appliance: A Review

Liqaa S. Esmail

Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy, 2021, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 97-103
DOI: 10.33899/iphr.2022.170401

Background: Studies have shown that the powder flowability rate significantly impacts the content uniformity and weight of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in drug tableting procedures.
The aim was studying the physicochemical properties relevant to the powder flowability in some pharmaceutical instruments.
Powders with good flow characteristics are required to ensure a continuous flow through the die and other compartments of the pharmaceutical appliances used for manufacturing. Several factors, such as size, density, adhesiveness, shape, surface conditions, and electrostatic chargeability of the drug ingredients, tend to influence the flowability of a drug.
Conclusion: The study highlights that particle size is one of the major determinants of powder flowability. Large particles are expected to aid better flowability resulting in a clearer feeder during the manufacturing process. The flowability of the powder could be improved by adding a small number of fine particles and granules as excipients.