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Online ISSN: 2264-2522

Keywords : methotrexate

Effects of different concentrations of aqueous green tea extract against methotrexate-induced nephrotoxicity in rats

Dawser K. Ismael; Nada N. Al-Shawi; Farah Kais Abdul-Wahab

Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 30-42
DOI: 10.33899/iphr.2011.49583

Objective: The concentration-dependent nephroprotective effects of orally-administered
aqueous green tea extract (AGTE) were studied.
Materials and Methods: Forty rats of both sexes (weighing ٢٠٠-٢٥٠g) with various
concentrations {٠.٦٢٥%, ١.٢٥% and ٢.٥% of aqueous green tea extract (AGTE)} as their
main source of drinking fluid ٧ days before and ٥ days after administration of methotrexate
(MTX). The parameters of oxidative stress, malondialdehyde (MDA) and reduced
glutathione (GSH) were daily measured in kidney homogenate in addition to histopathological
examinations after killing.
Results: Analysis of data revealed significant amelioration of oxidative stress in groups
of animals treated with different concentrations of AGTE compared to MTX-treated
group as evidenced by lowering MDA contents and elevation of GSH levels in kidney
tissue homogenate but the levels still significantly different compared to controls. Furthermore,
increasing concentrations of AGTE produce no concentration-dependent improvement
of the damage induced by MTX in kidney tissue, as observed in kidney rats
sections in concentrations ٠.٦٢٥% and ٢.٥% AGTE, while improvement in renal morphological
changes was observed in group of animals treated with ١.٢٥% AGTE + MTX.
Conclusion: The concentration-dependent protective effects of AGTE against MTXinduce
kidney damage were not evidenced, where higher concentration of AGTE (٢.٥%)
used in this study resulted in deterioration in the renal functions and morphology, which
may be due to its pro-oxidant effect; while renal protective effects was evidenced in a
concentration of ١.٢٥% AGTE, an effect that could be related to its antioxidant properties
at this concentration.