Keywords : Albendazole

Difference in the inhibitory effect of black seed extract and the commonly used drug on the intestinal parasites in the primary school students in Mosul and Tikrit cities

Maymona Yahya; Abdul_Rahman Altae

Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy, 2019, Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages 50-72
DOI: 10.33899/iphr.2019.165709

Objectives:To detect and compare the inhibitory effect of Nigella sativa extracts and compare their effects with traditional drugs on intestinal parasites.
Materials and Methods: Stool samples were collected from 144 students of primary schools: (Al-Arqam primary school for boys, Al-hady primary school for girls, and Al-Arpachia primary school for (boys and girls) in both sexes out of 252 students of about 6-12 years old. Stools were taken from students in a clean water-proof with a tight fitting container 10 ml saline as a transport medium. Each sample was transported at 37οC and examined directly under the microscope. They were treated by different doses of different conc. of alcoholic and aqueous extracts of N. sativa and compare the effect with Metronidazole and Albendzole as traditional drugs.
Results: The results of this study revealed clear potentiality of N. sativa as a source for antiparasitic drugs and support its use in folk medicine for the treatment of intestinal infections.
Discussion:  There was an inhibitory effect of Nigella sativa on intestinal parasites being isolated but fewer than that of traditional drugs. This finding warrants necessity of further investigation of this product for folk medicine.